Ergonomic Office Chair – Mesh Back Commercial Grade Chairs – Friant Zone 10+ Available


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Chair Origin (How we got it)

These ergonomic office chairs were just liquidated from an office in San Diego, in the west Miramar area. they are in great condition the company liquidated them because they were reducing the space in their office.


The brand is Friant. Friant makes only commercial-grade office furniture. This is a much better more durable chair than the chairs you would find in Office Depot or Costco but half the price and very gently used.

Adjustments and Description

These chairs are black mesh backrests that are adjustable up and down. armrests are adjustable. The chair can sit upright or be set to recline. the height of the chair is also adjustable.


– How do you get all this office furniture?

we are a commercial moving company and office liquidator. sometimes we purchase unneeded furniture from our customers. other times they are reducing their footprint or moving and simply want it taken away.

– Do you deliver and install?

Yes, we do. Most of the time we can deliver the same or the next day. We deliver all throughout San Diego and Orange County and Los Angeles for orders exceeding $500.

We offer both white glove and curbside and +freight delivery.

– Curbside is your most economical option and means we will drop the item off at your front door or in your driveway. we always contact our customers and confirm they will be present to receive prior to curbside deliveries. we also allow you to pinpoint a delivery time within 30 minutes if necessary.

– White glove delivery is when we carry the item to its destination within your home building or facility. for desks and multi-piece items that include installation.

– freight delivery is available for items you wish to ship to remote locations outside of the San Diego area.

– Do you sell all the furniture you get?

No, some furniture is unsellable. Sometimes we donate if we feel it is for a good cause or the furniture cannot be sold.

if the furniture is such that we cannot donate it then our next avenue is to try and recycle. taking it to a landfill is our last resort.

– Do you offer discounts?

yes, we offer military discounts, senior citizen discounts, discounts to nonprofits, and bulk or wholesale discounts for quantity purchases of three or more items. our prices are already competitive. the way we arrive at our pricing is we study the market for the used item we are trying to sell and strive to offer our furniture for below the lowest listings we find for comparable items from legitimate sellers.

– Do you price match?

we price match on a case-per-case basis. if we can verify that the user is legitimately offering a comparable working product to what we are offering for a lower price we will usually price match or strive to beat their offer. there are exceptions in the used market. Sometimes people practically give away items. if you find such a situation we strongly recommend you take advantage of it as we want our customers to get the best value, whether with us or not. Always feel free to ask!

– Do you offer returns?

we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on any items that break down during normal use. this is a consumer policy that applies to small quantity orders.

if you would like to return a product because it does not suit your needs any longer or you just change your mind or don’t like it we will offer you store credit towards an exchange. this is also a 30-day policy from the time you make your purchase.

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