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Shopping for New Office Cubicles

Shopping for new office cubicles and furniture doesn't have to suck, I promise. Let's face it, by now you've probably been clicking around a bit, talking to "experts" aka salesmen, and trying to navigate a process that is simultaneously time consuming, confusing, and seemingly over-expensive. 

At the same time you are excited.  This marks a new era in your company. You are past the penny pinching start up phase. It is high time you show the world what this business has now become.

The First Step

So where do you begin? Good question. No one ever just pointed and clicked their way to a well designed workplace.

See, here's the secret when it comes to buying office furniture. Start with the people who are going to work there and let your decisions flow from there.

Wait, WHAT? what is that you say?

It's simple,  start with a thorough consideration of the people working in each space and the conditions necessary to carry out the type of work they do, and from there it is easy to see what they will need to be happy and productive.

Are they on the phone most the time? then a quite space is important. Do they collaborate withing a group? - then lets make it easy for them to reach out to their colleagues. Does HR and accounting require privacy? High panels and secure storage are a must; you get the drift.

Once you have figured out the environment you will need to keep your staff happy and productive now it is time to consider how to wow your visitors and customers. That is where style and aesthetics really come in to play. 

Now it's time to take this colorless (yet functional) idea and MAKE IT POP!

By contacting one of our professional space planners you are taking the first step in creating the ideal productive environment for your team, and a stunning destination for your companies customers and visitors.

We aren't here to try and hard sell you. We are here to help you work through what can often be a complicated balancing act between the needs and wants of your co-workers and employees and the limits of what kind of resources your willing to expend on office furniture.

We get it, and were here to help, so give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you.

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