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Office space planning team going over a space planSo it’s time to relocate, expand or reorganize your facility. Every business has to do this at some point. If you have ever had to manage such a feat then you know all too well how much time and energy goes into it.

On one hand this can be a great time to bring about desired improvements to your workplace. On the other hand without the right guidance it can turn into a nighmare!

Thats Where We Come In...

The way we see it, our job is to provide you with the resources and expert advice you need to create an office space that works for everyone. If your like us your first instinct is to tackle the project yourself but let's face it - you're only one person!

Whether you are the owner, or a department manager tasked with handling the project the fact is - you already have a job! This is weekends and evenings and in-between times we are talking about here! So our first question is always

How Can We Make Your Job Easier?

Luckily the answer to that question is easy because we aren't just a furniture store and our relocation partners don't just move things.

We are a full service partner whose passion is taking the guesswork off your plate, taking the hassle out of your project, and delivering a beautiful and functional work environment. We accomplish this with a three step process;

  • The First Step is a site walk where we measure and assess your furniture goals and how they might be achieved in your new work space.
  • Second we ask the right questions while handling your concerns honestly and objectively.
  • Third we take your list of goals and challenges and turn it into a menu of options.

So any way you look at it now you're not alone! Our move coordinators, office space planners, project managers and furniture experts are a resource for you to use every step of the way.

So sit back, give us the rundown and watch us work our magic. With 60 years of combined experience in relocation, space planning and workplace dynamics we’ve got this! All that's left for you to do is take the credit!

So Click or Call today and we will get to work crafting you a beautiful and functional workspace!

Here Are a Few of Our Recent Office Furniture Layouts...

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