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Office space planning team going over a space plan

Need to do space planning in your office? As organizations grow, planning for staffing and space utilization becomes critical. You need cubicles and offices for your new hires.

You want to retain proximity for employees who need to work together frequently. You need to plan for common areas and conference rooms. You want to create an environment that fosters positive spirits and employee motivation and satisfaction.

Additionally, building codes and regulations govern some space planning decisions you make. So do aspects of employment law in such areas as employee accommodation and accessibility.

This tip about how to gain management input for people needs and space planning will give you a proven approach to try to stay one jump ahead of your company's growth. These are the questions to ask as you do space planning for people.

This space planning will enable you to have employee workstations when you need them. Yet, smart space planning will keep you from spending large amounts of money at an unnecessary time.

When space becomes an issue, managers tend to think "build more offices." Often, a less expensive space planning solution is reasonable with planning and space redesign.

Additionally, if asked, almost every employee will tell you that they would be more comfortable, productive, and successful working without distractions in a private office.

Often, the decision to use cubicles is a function of space and cost.

So call us today for a free space planning consultation.


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